• Learning a second language

    Knowing how to speak, listen, read and write in a language that is not your own means not only acquiring new skills but also embracing a new point of view on the world. And being enriched by this vision. Learning Italian by immersing yourself in the culture, the atmosphere, and the way of feeling and perceiving the reality of the only boot-shaped country in the world, is an exciting journey that will help you get to know the world through a new viewpoint, which can instantly span from the Alps to the sea.

Linguistic competence

    Your goals
    Your goals

    If your only goal over the course of your studies in Italy is to live like an Italian and just enjoying they Italian way of life, then you are on the wrong track: the Italian university experience is a unique opportunity for enrichment and specialisation of your knowledge. On the other hand, if you think that studying in Italy means only keeping your head down over the books, then stop and look up: you will discover immense beauty just waiting to be discovered.

  • Italian language skills

    Learning Italian means enriching your culture with thousands of years of communicative skills, which have evolved over time to become a collection of over 260,000 words. No, you don't have to learn them all, but you will find out that to live and communicate in Italy, in addition to studying and practicing, you will need something extra: smiling.

    Italian language skills
    Language skills

    A second language is an all-encompassing experience, something that envelops and surrounds all those lucky enough to learn a new way to express meaning. Learning a language is all about knowledge (vocabulary, grammar, syntax, phonology) and skills (knowing how to use a language, knowing how to act in social situations).

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