The cradle of your future

    I tuoi compagni di studio in Italia
    Your illustrious university peers

    Dante Alighieri, Giuseppe Verdi, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Grazia Deledda, Giacomo Puccini, Leonardo Da Vinci, Gae Aulenti, and so many others who gave life to beauty and innovative thought were once students like you in these universities and they will be “your peers” in your studies because you will find their influence and the same energy in everyone around you with a desire for knowledge. As the days and weeks go by, you will begin to recognise their names and spirit, not only in others but also in yourself, because studying in Italy will make you a part of Italy.

  • Universities in Italy, where you can expand your knowledge in good company

    It is also thanks to its widespread, inclusive and top-quality education system that Italy has been able to become the cradle of music, painting, sculpture, literature, and theatre.

    Studying in Italy is a unique opportunity to learn, to become a specialist, to dedicate yourself to research, but it is also an opportunity to belong, create new friendships and "build a team", which makes studying even more pleasant, turning it into a full experience.

    L’Università in Italia:  il sapere in compagnia
  • L’università in Italia: storia, tradizione, innovazione
    Universities in Italy where history, tradition, and innovation join forces

    The 97 Italian universities boast approximately 1,800,000 enrolled students, approximately 5,000 university degree courses and almost 75,000 teaching professors in addition to over 25,000 researchers. There are also courses in Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale (AFAM - Higher education for the fine arts, music, and dance), and research centres and institutes.

    The tradition of studying in Italy finds its roots in the Roman Empire. Since then, the journey to education has never stopped and its evolution gave shape to our universities, increasingly modern and dynamic centres of learning, linked to the world of work and a treasure trove of deep and ancient knowledge.

Scopri la culla del tuo futuro
Explore the cradle of your future

Italy is considered the “cradle of culture”, but have you ever asked yourself why? The answer is simple, a “cradle” is what protects children, reassures them, welcomes them, and creates all the conditions for them to grow up and become adults. This is exactly what studying in Italy can offer you: the ideal environment for you to grow your talent into something great. Could you ever miss out on this opportunity? Could you ever ignore your talent?

If you are browsing this website, it means that Italy is in your heart and that you would love to make it the focus of your future. Don't hesitate! Italy is calling and you don't miss this opportunity: put your Italian to the test and come to study in Italy!

BTW: Yes, we do have pizza, coffee and mandolins in Italy 😉

  • Italian art
    Italian art

    Looking for numbers or names regarding Italy's artistic heritage? We have both! Here are the numbers: Italy boasts 58 UNESCO world heritage sites, which puts it in first place when it comes to the world beauty rankings. And here are some of the names: Sandro Botticelli, Antonio Canova, Caravaggio, Titian... and a few masterpieces: Lady with an Ermine, the Pietà, the Last Supper, the Scrovegni Chapel... This is Italy! 

  • Italian literature

    "Once upon a time... - There was a king! - my younger readers would immediately say. Nope. “Once upon a time, there was a piece of wood...." or "...Midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost...." so begin respectively Pinocchio and The Divine Comedy just two of the countless masterpieces of Italian literature, all to be discovered and listened to in Italian!

    letteratura italiana
  • Italian fashion and design
    Italian fashion and design

    Italy, where beauty lives. Perhaps the landscapes, with their infinite beauty, are what have given Italian stylists and designers that unique sensitivity that makes Italian fashion beloved across the globe, and the architecture and design masterpieces created here, in the land of Sea and Sun, the most popular ever. Yes, the beauty of Italy is the ideal place where to grow... more beauty! 

  • Italian music
    Italian music

    For five centuries, a form of art has been speaking the sublime language of feelings in a unique and universal language that can touch the soul of everyone. This form of art was born in Italy and is admired the world over. Opera. Italy is a country full of melodies, a country to be experienced, known, loved and... listened to! 

  • Italian technology
    Italian technology

    From the telephone to the internal combustion engine, dynamo, Allen key, piano, electric battery, personal computer, radio, compass, and not forgetting the seismograph, helicopter, mp3 and Jacuzzi: the contemporary world is teeming with Italian inventions. Technology and innovative thinking are at home here, in an ongoing process which, while drawing ideas from tradition, is constantly renewed. The proof? Well, suffice to say that Arduino is Made in Italy and that the astronauts' coffee machine is all Italian! 

Usi e Costumi

  • Italian hand gestures
    What would Italians be without their hand gestures? The answer is simple, but not obvious: if someone were to stop Italians from gesticulating, Italians... would find another, creative way to give colour to their words. Yes, because for Italians hand gestures stem from a need to emphasize their words; a deep need to communicate an infinite range of the small nuances of meaning that words alone often fail to carry. Can you learn Italian hand gestures? No you cannot, but hand gestures can become natural for everyone by immersing yourself in the passion for communicating that makes Italians sociable and ready to make friends.
    I gesti degli italiani
  • Italian folklore
    Italy is a land of ancient cultural traditions that you can discover in thousands and thousands folk wisdom tales that you can find everywhere. This ancient knowledge has taken the shape of popular customs but it is rooted in a deep awareness of nature and the human heart. Italian folklore is also all about rituals, group ceremonies, shared customs and experiences that touch the soul. Get ready to be thrilled in Italy!
    Il folclore italiano
  • Italian food
    If the Mediterranean diet is now known across the world, there are facets of Italian cuisine that you can only discover in Italy. It is the cuisine of the taste secrets that each family keeps and shares only with its guests, such as yourself. They are secrets that make every recipe, every dish something unique, unrepeatable and perhaps a little bit magic. Such as "QB". Ever heard of it? "QB" (Quanto Basta) means just the right amount of ingredients that cannot be measured but that come from the intuition of the cook. To discover how to handle "QB" you have to forget the recipe for a second and rather feel the humidity in the air, taste the aromas, imagine the dish you are preparing, and know the preferences of the people who will be at your table... Everyone can discover the secrets of "QB", even you.
    Il cibo in Italia
  • Soccer in Italy
    Without meaning any disrespect to religious feelings, it can be said that in Italy, soccer is a true “religion”. Yes, because more than a sport, soccer is an intense passion for Italians. A team, its colours, its heroes on the field, its history, the eternal arguments with the referees, cheering the team together, playing soccer anywhere - basically as soon as you can walk - is all part of being Italian. Soccer is not only about cheering the team but also about tactical knowledge, know-how, professionalism, competition and skill at the highest possible level. Wanna play?
    Il calcio in Italia