All the words you need to know to live in Italy: greetings

  • Addio

    Goodbye. It is used formally when you will not see the person for a long time. In many cases it is a 'final' goodbye, like the one given to the deceased before they are buried.

  • Arrivederci

    Goodbye. It is used when to say good bye to someone you will see again soon. It is quite formal.

  • Buon pomeriggio
    Good afternoon. It is used to greet people in the afternoon.
  • Buonanotte
    Good night. It is used when going to sleep.
  • Buonasera
    Good evening. It is used to greet people in the evening.
  • Buongiorno

    Good morning. It is used to greet people from the morning to the afternoon.

  • Ciao

    Hi. It is the informal greeting and one of the most commonly used Italian words. It is used when meeting people and also to say good-bye to someone in an informal way.

  • Piacere

    Pleased to meet you. When two people meet for the first time and introduce themselves: “Piacere, mi chiamo Claudia / Piacere di conoscerti” “Pleased to meet you. My name is Claudia”.

  • Pronto?

    Hello? It is used when answering a phone call.

  • Salve

    Hello. it is a slightly more formal greeting than 'ciao'. It is used when meeting someone.