Important Italian personalities who are 30 years old or so

Important Italian personalities who are 30 years old or so

الشخصيات الإيطالية الهامة   التي تبلغ من العمر حوالي 30 عامًا

The tradition of the so-called “Italian genius” is rooted in history, but even the present day there are people of excellence that the whole world admires (Forbes has included them in its famous list of the 100 most important world personalities) and in some cases envy. 


Maria Garrone: from big companies to childcare 

An excellent academic career (bachelor's and master's degree), a career in large “food & beverage” companies and then a breakthrough with a stint in the World Food Program before setting up childcare projects. Maria Garrone, born in 1991, is the mind behind a vision of education that immerses children in the green of nature and brings art into schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. A real epiphany that of Maria, who has managed to capitalise on her studies and career, putting them at the service of her dreams: as a child, she wanted to be a primary school teacher. 
A personality with an extraordinary visionary flair, Maria Garrone is one of Italy's most innovative minds, thanks in part to the flexibility she manages to maintain by juggling educational dynamics and finances. 

Andrea Busnelli: updating, not innovation 

Andrea Busnelli considers himself an artisan and this is why he is convinced that he does not innovate but rather updates tradition. After a degree in Industrial Design, he began an entrepreneurial adventure that in a short time led him to be a leader in the field of customised furniture design and production. Today, his company is a leader in the field of design, with prestigious collaborations. 
Hard-working and determined, Andrea is considered one of the entrepreneur models of the future. 

Carlo Pautrie: chewing health 

Younger than 30, holder of two degrees, a company that has created a market sector and being a trendsetter? That’s Carlo Pautrie! While the market for nutritional supplements is segmented and varied, no one before had thought of producing supplements in the form of candies, gummy bears or chewing gum. Carlo not only has a break-the-mould spirit but also bases his entrepreneurial decisions on the soundness of his analysis for the needs of his target and target market. 

Giulio Deangeli: Five degrees (so far) 

A genius? Absolutely not, according to him. Simply one who exploits a “brilliant method” of study. Yet the multi-degree-holder Deangeli has a record-breaking mind who naturally navigates effortlessly between Italian and foreign universities in completely different disciplines, with research published in official journals and a book (explaining his method of study) at the top of the sales charts. 
Warm and strong-willed, Giulio is focusing on the study of degenerative diseases, with the aim of making a substantial contribution to research and treatment of their causes. 

Claudia Bonfio: the search for the origins of life 

From Tuscany to the world and a scientific revolution that searches for life inside and outside us, so far out that it reaches for the stars. This is Claudia Bonfio, who began a journey from Siena that today sees her as one of the big protagonists in the field of research. 
Specialising in biomolecular disciplines, she investigates the emergence of life by studying how cells came into being on Earth with an eye on what is beyond Earth, other stars and planets, and already has 16 scientific publications behind her with over 500 citations. 


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Important Italian personalities   who are 30 years old or so

Important Italian personalities who are 30 years old or so

The tradition of the "Italian genius" has its roots in history but...
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