The strangest things Italians do (according to foreigners)!

The strangest things Italians do (according to foreigners)!

Las cosas más extrañas que hacen los italianos (según los extranjeros)
  1. Too noisy 
    you might happen to be walking down a street in any old Italian city downtown and see people chatting from balcony to balcony, shouting to be heard! When there were no mobile phones, this is how we communicated, and still do today... Another example: during a relaxing day at the beach, you may overhear your beach umbrella neighbour talking loudly about family matters... that's how it is, mi casa es tu casa! ​​​​​Too noisy 

  2. People of “contact”  
    with people we have just met, we manage to maintain a detached and formal aplomb. But... wait a few minutes and we'll be there ready to hug you or be arm-in-arm with you!  
    We are warm and welcoming, and maybe in summer... a bit sticky :-)  

  3. Reckless driving  
    Italy has traffic rules, the same as in other European countries. But you know we are very creative, car enthusiasts, practical, and always in a hurry! You may not understand our improvised trajectories or the chaos we manage to wreak in traffic, as well as the misuse of the horn... trust me it's an experience worth having! 
    In our opinion, however, we are very careful and cautious drivers... 

  4. The quantity of food and the many courses  
    You are at a restaurant with a menu in front of you and you are wondering what to choose Don't worry, you'll have to choose at least three courses: starter, first course and second course (and a sweet tiramisu, won’t you?). We love food, each dish has its own style and its own time to be served, and above all its own drink to be paired with it. Yes, we may be exaggerating with the quantity, but you will enjoy it!  

  5. The continuous gesticulating  
    we need to be understood by our listeners. In addition to the loudness when we speak, we gesticulate. We are like actors or mimes. The word is not enough for us, we also give rhythm and movement to the conversation with our hands. We have it in our DNA, believe us: nobody teaches us how to do it!   

  1. Shop hours (closed for lunch/Sunday) 
    if we have all that food to eat at lunchtime, how can we get back to work so soon? You must have time to digest and have a nap! Yes, it may be inconvenient or strange not to find a shop open for lunchtime or a restaurant closed on Sundays. But rest is important and not everything is always so urgent and necessary, don't you think? :-D  

  1. Close family ties  
    family is family. Mum is even more so. Our European peers at the age of 18 or earlier are already independent and live on their own. We struggle a bit to leave the affections and comforts of family life. It is true. A famous old song also sung by Luciano Pavarotti said “mama I am so happy, because I am heading back to you”. We can't help it, we are “mammoni” 

  1. Cappuccino 
    a must during an Italian breakfast, but only in the morning! Prohibition of milk in coffee for the rest of the day. Yes to coffee after dinner and even before going to bed!  

  1. Carbohydrates 
    They are in our DNA, without PASTA and PIZZA we would not be Italian!  

  1. Kiss greeting (first on the right - then on the left cheek) 
    we do it the opposite way to other countries such as Spain do. A bit of confusion may occur!  


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